Remote Sensing of the Mine Environment

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Geo-Information Science, Vol.

Safety and Environmental Engineering, Vol. Geographical Sciences, Vol. China University of Mining Technology, Vol. All Rights Reserved. Log In. Paper Titles.

Article Preview. Abstract: Mine development can benefit mankind, but also cause ecological damage to the environment; bad influence threatens the lives and safety.

Remote sensing

Add to Cart. Applied Mechanics and Materials Volumes Main Theme:. Edited by:. Online since:. October Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. Abstract: Fuzzy techniques and AHP approach have been widely used during the last decade. Enwenode Onajite.

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Remote sensing reveals the rapid spread of gold mines in the Amazon | Yale Environment Review

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Mapping the Invisible: Introduction to Spectral Remote Sensing

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Design of Earth Dams. Remote Sensing Geology. Ravi P. Rock Mechanics. Geophysics for Petroleum Engineers. Shivaji N.