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Or rather Grey DeLisle, who has the best action girl voice! Right here , in about five minutes. Give or take. Thinks back to the song Deathtrap. Log in Sign up.

Dark Savage (The Dark Duet Book 1)

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold neil patrick harris mayhem of the music meister. It has been two or three years since I've seen Mayhem of the Music Meister. The murder of [Aarseth] was horrible, but it never came about from the darkness within the band. That was esoteric. I do miss him [Aarseth] a lot and think about him from time-to-time as he was a good friend. Now 50, Manheim, who has his grey hair short brushed in side parting these days and has swapped his black leather Eighties' costumes for a smart blazer and trousers, explained that the band's philosophy of promoting anti-religious rhetoric was not intended to persuade people to commit crime.

Vikernes pictured at his trial , now 46, was jailed for 21 years for murder and convicted of burning down two churches.

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He has since been released and is living somewhere in France. At the height of their notoriety, a gay man was killed in a homophobic attack and Vikernes left was identified as a prime suspect.

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In the fallout of Vikernes' arrest Aarseth made death threats against his hell-raising bandmate who responded by killing him at his Olso flat right. So enraged was Vikernes by responded by Aarseth's death threats that he drove km across Norway from his home to confront him outside his apartment where he knifed him to death. We didn't say that people should go out and burn churches. He added: 'We started as a band like any other band; kids who wanted to be rock stars.

Manheim said the band reacted against Norway itself because the country was too conservative - banning Monty Python's Life of Brian and preventing songs with swear words being played on television. It was the intent to attack the religions because they are behind the dogmatic way of thinking behind what societies are built on.

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I don't argue with that. That's ok. It takes away my right to live my life as I choose. We took on all three. He said Mayhem 'absolutely' glorified death and violence and arsonists were spurred on by their music. And I don't have a problem with that all. I have a dark nature. It was not that we wanted people to go out with chainsaws and gut fuck people even though that was one of the lyrics. During that time, there were numerous arson attacks on Christian churches by the black metal scene. The sex, drugs, gore and Satanic worship of Mayhem in the Eighties has been turned into a film released in the UK later this month.

The band say they were not spoken to by the filmmakers who don't know the true scale of their debauchery. I still feel the same. I am not scared about taking artistic risks because people threaten violence or get angry.

But there has been tragedy. For the world it is a story.

Musical Mayhem

But the story of Mayhem has grown out of our control. He added: 'I wasn't consulted and I definitely won't be going to see this film. I have no interest. Vikernes, now 46, was jailed for 21 years for murder and convicted of burning down two churches. He was released in and has gone into hiding, living in France under the alias Louis Cachet.

The killer rarely gives interviews but, having been sent the script of the film, has broken cover on YouTube to slam the film and accused the people behind it of 'character murder'. It is a film by idiots. Vikernes still wallows in the savagery of his knife attack and in his latest video demonstrated the stabbing motion he used to murder his band mate.

He complained that the film shows him withdrawing the knife from his bandmate's skull quickly. But, reminiscing over the bloodcurdling act, he says: 'I had to jerk the knife out because it was stuck in his freaking forehead.

'Black metal' band Mayhem's wild years of sex, gore and Satan worship revealed in new film

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