Found and Lost: A boy, an old barn and treasure that will change his life

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This was the first time year-old Neil, raised on a small farm in Pocatello, Idaho, had ever flown on an airplane, traveled so far from home, or been among so many bright and sophisticated young people.

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Some of the delegates began to challenge his beliefs. Young Neil had never before been asked such pointed questions regarding his faith.

Joe Strummer's widow tells how she found The Clash singer's lost tapes in their Somerset barn

I told them more than I knew. I felt the power of the Lord as He guided me through sensitive explanations and the sharing of my deep convictions. I could feel the Spirit of the Lord as I spoke. At the conclusion they expressed their appreciation and quietly acknowledged their respect for what I believed. When Neil was three, the family moved to Colorado.

They lived 90 miles km from the meetinghouse. Making the journey to Church meetings was something they just did every Sunday. When Neil was five, his family moved to a dairy farm in Pocatello, Idaho. Neil raised rabbits, rode horses, and played in the fields with his siblings. When Neil was about seven years old, a rabbit he especially liked escaped from its cage. He relates:.

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I remember walking back behind an old barn and praying that I could find the rabbit. And sure enough, I went to that spot and found my rabbit. This experience and many others like it taught me that the Lord responds to the small and simple prayers of all of us. Looking back, I realize how valuable it was to learn that part of life is just hard work.

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As a young man Neil also worked hard at sports. In high school he lettered in cross-country running. However, he focused most of his energies on excelling in other ways. He was president of the Idaho Association of Student Councils, which included all the high school student body officers throughout Idaho. His only question was if he was really prepared to serve. I was so impressed that faith was a choice to him.

Elder Andersen also remembers putting the question to the Lord.

After his mission Neil continued to excel at BYU. Hinckley Scholar and elected student body vice president. Neil and Kathy had their first child while attending Harvard, toward the end of their first year of marriage. Three more children followed.

AMAZING TREASURES #1 Picking at an old Barn with friends

With the arrival of children, Kathy postponed her studies but never gave up on finishing her degree. Following graduate school, the Andersens moved to Tampa, Florida, where they intended to settle for life, as this was where Kathy had been reared and where her family still lived. Neil engaged in several successful business ventures, including real estate development, health care, and advertising. The Lord, however, had other plans for him.

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  8. In , while serving in a stake presidency, Neil was called as the mission president in Bordeaux, France. After returning to Florida in , he was called within a month to be president of the Tampa Florida Stake. The following year, a new calling came: this time to the First Quorum of the Seventy.

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    In , he was called to the Presidency of the Seventy. Then, in April , he was called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Despite the pressures of his work and his Church callings through those many years, his devotion to his family never wavered. For example, he took each one individually to breakfast with him once a month.

    A Foundation of Faith

    He let us pick the place for breakfast and the topics we would talk about. We looked so forward to having his undivided attention. The Andersens were so faithful in having family scripture study and singing a hymn each night that the children would do it alone if their parents returned home late. For family home evening, the Andersens would often study the conference talks in the Ensign. The loving kindness he has always shown to me and our children has brought immeasurable strength to our family and filled our lives with happiness and peace.

    Judging by the way her husband treats her, one can see that Kathy is the heart of the home. He opens doors for her, helps her be seated, volunteers to do the dishes, and so forth. Any home restoration tends to rekindle the love you have for your property. Luke, a rug designer, lived with his wife and son near the village of Tisbury, England, in a pristine, riverside region. He wanted them to wire the detached barn 20 yards from his house so that his son had light when he played table tennis inside. After a short time, one of the workers called out.

    Uncovering original details on a property during a renovation is always an encouraging sign, but this was just the tip of the iceberg! Wiltshire Archaeological Service. As a designer, Luke was mesmerized by the beauty of the mosaic—its zig-zag pattern, its bright colors. Little did he realize, however, that the discovery would lead him to unimaginable finds throughout all of his property. Dave Roberts said.

    The world's most valuable barn find: 60 rare cars untouched for 50 years

    This mosaic, more importantly, was evidence of the Ancient Romans—and it was in great shape. As Dr. Still, the location of the find concerned the archeologists. Their finds went far beyond the initial mosaic…. Along with the remains of a wall they found near the mosaic—confirming their theory that the mosaic had been in the entrance to a grand villa—archeologists uncovered tons of Roman artifacts, like coins and butcher-cut animal bones.

    They also came across oyster shells—a fascinating and telling find, as they were more than 40 miles from the shoreline. Whoever had lived in the Deverill Villa had to have been very wealthy to import oysters. Still, there was another discovery that impressed Dr.

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    The Telegraph. Most recently, it served as a flowerbed for geraniums. Roberts revealed to Luke what it actually was…. Whoever lived there during that time continued remodeling it until the mid-4th century.