The Reluctant Hero

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The story was too short to really develop the characters in the style that Heath usually works. I was just never much vested in either of them. Never figured out why they ended up in bed other than the usual "he's a man and she's a woman and they are hot for each other". The HEA never really made sense to me. So, there you have it. I am willing to bet a longer book was have resulted in a better story. View 2 comments. Jun 06, Dina rated it really liked it Shelves: ebook , historical-romance , novella , dhasg-challenge , to-review.

Nice twist near the end of the book, but then the following events were too rushed. It was like Ms. Heath suddenly remembered this was a short story and she needed to finish it ASAP. Other than that, I really liked the whole story. Jun 02, Dawn rated it liked it Shelves: novella-short-story , highly-rated-by-friends , western-southern-or-country , historical-romance.

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My observations: It lacked the usual intense conflict that I am used to in Heaths books. What miniscule conflict there was seemed lame to me The hero not thinking he was a hero and not wanting to share his history with the famous dime novel writer heroine. I found little likable about either character and I still have no idea why they fell in love with each other.

I also hate that the heroine is not attractive.

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The hero was undefined IMHO. It was like Heath wasn't sure if she wanted him to be a manwhore or not. It gave me, as a reader, mixed signals. One minute he's thinking about the women he had and wheter he had any bastards or pregnant women left behind, and then he's like "it's been so long since he had a woman", then it's mentioned that all the women he had he screwed he just up and left right after the deed.

Never getting emotionally attached. My question is why do we need this irrevelant information? It made me not like him right off the bat. I will however admit, that in the end he wasn't so bad,but I still didn't love him, and still cannot understand why they fell in love. There needed to be more momments of them together for it to be logical to me. Being a novella it's in MHO she wasted too much time on the bullshit writing thing with the h and should have concentrated on the romance build. Heath is an awesome writer technically, and because of her excellent concentraion on details I felt she should seriously avoid writing novellas.

She is an author who needs time to craft and writing a short story doesn't give her the time. Certainly not her best, and I would not recommend this one. Safety OW-no Cheating-no Hero-experienced Heroine-virgin Insta love- debatable, not at first sight but very fast violence-no cursing- no Rape-no Sex- 1 moderate scene at end Heros past- screwed alot of women, unsure of bastards. Hadn't had a women in a long time, but said "time" never mentioned View all 4 comments.

Jan 29, sraxe rated it liked it Shelves: 3-stars , adult , historical , romance , frontier-western , written-review , third-person , secret-identity , gilded-age. I wish Lorraine Heath would write more Western Historicals. I absolute adore the heroes she's written in those and they're far, far superior to the ones found in her England-based historicals. Give me more perfection like Clayton and Jake! Those two were all kinds of amazing and I absolutely loved them to bits and pieces.

Now, onto this book itself. I wish this had been a full-length novel.

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The twist was so great and it was so wasted! It was super instalovey they're in love view spoiler [within a day hide spoiler ] and the conflict and solution came and went way too quickly. I guess it's the nature of a novella, but it still annoyed me. Nov 16, Keri rated it really liked it Shelves: read , romance-historical , romance-western.

This was a sweet little western read that had a nice twist near the end. Even though it was a short, it had a lot of emotional depth to it. I hope that we see more stories come out of this little Texas town.

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View all 5 comments. Jul 13, Aoi rated it liked it Shelves: hf-america-frontier-wild-west. A brooding hero and a chipper young girl.. There was a surprising twist towards the very end- and how I wish the author would have used this as the story's central point! Jun 15, Amanda S. I enjoyed this book. Though it's a bit too short to my liking, but I definitely sense the southern atmosphere. I was hoping for more drama. But overall a good before bed reading. Nov 18, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: historical-romance , western-romance , reads , novella-short-story , cowboy-hero , reviewed-on-blog , gilded-age-america , writer-heroine.

Andrea is a writer who is trying to find inspiration for her newest series and she has chosen Matthew as her muse. It was a blast to watch them interact especially with Matthew being so against the whole process at first and then becoming acclimated to it. There is also a fun twist to the entire story that I appreciated. I just found myself wishing that this had been a full-length novel. There was so much potential yet I felt like the chara 3.

There was so much potential yet I felt like the characters and the romance was underdeveloped. We were told a lot more than we were shown. Feb 28, Joana Pacheco rated it liked it. Good writing, a potentially great story, but very short and with few character developments.

If the writer had given it a few more pages to drag a little more the story so she could develop the characters and their relationship it would be the perfect story for me. Dec 17, Debbie Dodd rated it liked it. I really enjoyed reading this short story. Sweet Western Novella "I'm in desperate need of a hero.

Matthew knows that he is no hero and doesn't want anything to do with the project by the strong willed woman. A deal between the two, results in the two finding out more about one another than they expected. This novella feels too short and I think that this could have easily have been a longer novel. The story has an unexpected twist that once revealed gives what happens previously more meaning. Don't read spoilers! Finding out the twist is half the fun of the story. The two characters are interesting although there is a lot going on for such a short novella.

I liked both of the characters and really liked the way the story ended. Nov 28, Trish R.

The Reluctant Hero

What a great story. A little bit of fun, a little bit of drama, a little bit of love and a little bit of sex. What more could I ask for. The movie "The Big Country" does it exceedingly well. It's a brilliant and critical take on the notion of macho behavior and the consequences of violence. I could be remembering it incorrectly hey, it's been like a decade since I read it , but I think Ender from "Ender's Game" qualifies.

Or, I could be on crack. Oh yeah, and the guy from Dune Joesph Campbell in Hero with a Thousand Faces says that the "Reluctant Hero" is a character archetype and that many, if not most, heros in stories both myths and otherwise will be reluctant. I imagine that most "proper" Heros in movies will be reluctant to some degree. Of course, this doesn't apply to anti-hero type characters for instance Michael Corleone in the Godfather.

Case, from Neuromancer. All he wanted was to just get jacked back into the matrix, not merge the matrix with the most powerful force the Earth has ever seen. Whether or not that's heroism is up to what side you take. I just see it as Case taking a job, and doing it damn well. Felix especially I'd actually say that Luke Skywalker is a pretty lousy example of the "reluctant hero," since pretty much at every point in the game he's -overly- eager to see new planets, meet strange and interesting aliens, and blow them up. There are a few bits along the way that he'd rather not have to deal with, but overall I think he's probably at the opposite end of the spectrum from "reluctant.

I don't think you can be a gung-ho SEAL out to avenge a woman's death, and still get to be a "reluctant hero.

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The little bitch never did step up. He doesn't count. I guess that begs the question then whether we're referring to "heroes" or protagonists. I suppose the classic version of the "reluctant hero" requires the character to have a magical turnaround into genuinely heroic behavior Didn't expect so many responses so quickly. Can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. I figure there must have been either a movie or book that both my roommate and me have seen or read, but the list so far aside from HP and Star Wars has no overlap for us. I suppose it's a common theme that's played in so many places the specific instances escape us at the moment.

Especially Osaka and Chiyo. Quite a few animes feature reluctant hero protagonists. For example, there's the introvert boy who accidentally activates the maid robot who was designed to be a battle robot. But the maid is also designed to be loyal to the person who activates her and this loyalty includes being passionately in love with her master , and it just so happens that it was The little introvert boy.

He is charged with the task of keeping her out of trouble and accepting her love even though he is at the age where girls are eww yucky and have cooties.

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There's also the archetypal story of the boy who becomes the mark of the beautiful goddess whose task it is to serve the boy and put all her divine powers at his service because she loves him for some reason. And his job, which he takes reluctantly, is to love her back so that she can fulfill some prophecy or divine law or some such.

But can he really fall in love with this subservient, beautiful goddess-woman who swears undying love for him? Oh, the difficult task that has been set before him! Lastly, there's the boy who sits at home and does nothing but accidentally comes across some beautiful big breasted alien woman. She lives with him because her mission is to get married to him in order to save the universe and make love to him as if she was poisoned and his prostate had the antidote. But can he really allow himself to fall in love with this beautiful busty alien love slave, when he's only just met her? The intended meaning was that he was a whiner who was reluctant to do anything. I don't know about Ender. He doesn't seem it to me, but it's been a while since I read. An absolutely wonderful book, really great. I would throughly disagree with Odeipus as a reluctant hero. If fact, I can't personally think of any Greek examples of reluctant heroes. Telemecus is a whiny brat at first, but once Athena breathes Thumos into him, he's a full manly hero.

I just don't see it in their culture. I think Ender didn't really put up much of a fight, but saving the world wasn't his priority either.

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