The Spiritual Content Of a Mother

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April 27, Another priority is to help them prepare for eternal life, Sister Veit said.

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How to be a “spiritual mother” whether you have kids or not

Elsewhere in the Bible, God speaks of family betrayal Matthew ; Luke Who hath heard such a thing? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day?

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This passage is speaking about a spiritual mother in travail right before the birth, just as a physical mother experiences during labor. It will! Jerusalem is about to nourish the whole world. Notice the obvious imagery in Isaiah It speaks of nursing children, a mother and a father.

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In other words, family! This family, as it says in verse 12, is instrumental in bringing peace to the whole world. In John 3, Jesus unveiled a shocking truth about our spiritual birth. Nicodemus was confused. But what about a spiritual birth? Our spiritual birth begins at baptism, when the Holy Spirit begets us. At that point, we are a child, yet unborn.

The spiritual mother

The same is true spiritually. Here wind, which you cannot see, is compared to spirit, which is what we have to be before we can see the Kingdom. Physical birth is an exact type of our spiritual birth. Physically, all human life comes from a tiny egg, called an ovum. It is produced within the mother and has an average life span of about 24 hours, unless it is fertilized by the male sperm. The sperm cell is the smallest cell in the male body, yet it gives that ovum life!

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But what happens once the ovum receives life? Where would that little ovum be without the father? It would never be fertilized. But after being fertilized by the sperm, where would that embryo be without the mother?

How to be a “spiritual mother” whether you have kids or not

These women refer to two different covenants: one of a physical people born into slavery; the other of a spiritual people who are free, referring to the line which developed from Sarah. Through those two, God would make a great nation, Israel. But He also promised grace. Through Abraham and Sarah, all the families of the Earth would be blessed, meaning a kingly line would also descend from them and culminate in the birth of Jesus Christ.

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It is through Christ that all the families of the Earth have been blessed. It is through Christ that we receive the promise of grace. It is this spiritual covenant that Paul is referring to in Galatians 4. But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all. Paul calls this one true Church the mother of us all. The intent of this passage is clear: If we are not born of the right woman, we will not inherit the promises!

Hebrews is even clearer. We look to new Jerusalem—spiritual Jerusalem. Spiritual Jerusalem, the Church, is the mother of us all.

And that Church is about to bring many sons to birth! We are to be born of a spiritual mother. Remember, Isaiah 66 says to rejoice with spiritual Jerusalem. Because she is about to bring forth! There may be birth pangs before delivery, but she will bring forth! On the physical level, an unborn child must be fed and nourished by the mother before parturition. Paul, it was in reference to our media ministry, since we minister to people we do not encounter physically, but through books, music, movies and every form of media.

However, the first time I really reflected on this theologically was while reading St. In it he reflects that the two paths of motherhood and virginity are found in Mary. She became the perfect example of both paths because her motherhood did not come from the physical intimacy but through the Holy Spirit, therefore remaining a virgin even after the Incarnation.

From Endow Host to Discerning Consecrated Life: Christine French on Spiritual Motherhood

Though virginity is the renunciation of marriage and physical motherhood, there is a spousal love that captures the heart so that love is birthed through the outward expressions of daily self-gift. These expressions are the small, seemingly insignificant ways unmarried women share their life and love with the world. Pope Francis follows his predecessors by recognizing the dignity of women and the necessity for the church to have them present at its heart.

He has appointed more women to positions traditionally held by men than any other pope. He also emphasizes that Mary was at the spiritual center of the church in the upper room and that the faith of the apostles was nurtured, sustained and developed through the presence of Mary as a spiritual mother.

What does this mean for us? I am not my own, but I belong to the One whose love embraces the whole world, every person and each creature. Every woman can say the same thing. These characteristics make spiritual motherhood tangible and intelligible.