The Ultimate Guide to Agile Marketing in Display Ads

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Successful content hinges on understanding your audience. They should forever be the focus of your marketing plan, and every piece of content you create must cater to their needs. Before brainstorming content ideas, profile your audience. Ask yourself:. You notice populated and talkative Facebook groups, forums, social media pages, etc. You take note of the topics that are important to them, and document the influencers they pay attention to.

You will be wise to reach out to those influencers and nurture a relationship because they will be instrumental later on. As you research and learn about your audience, you will likely find ideas for content popping into your head. Idea generation is all about brainstorming relevant content that can later become highly engaging.

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As you brainstorm ideas, do research. Surf their blogs. Find out what the experts in your industry or niche are talking about, and research trending topics or issues.

A news feed dedicated to your niche can be a prime source for generating relevant ideas. Logically, we begin to consider how our business can meet these needs. Articles about bird care and products we carry would likely appeal to our audience. Next, we brainstorm topics.

As you can imagine, this step takes time. Remember, the more the article resonates with your audience and gives them relevant information, the more they will share it. Moreover, it will help you later in writing your article. The days of keyword stuffing are dead, but keyword research is still relevant. You can determine which keywords to target by using Google Keyword Planner.

Notice the average number of searches, competition, and suggested bid amounts. These elements provide a sense of how hard it may be to place organically for a certain keyword. Notice how slightly different spellings of the same word could result in higher or lower competition, i. Notice the number of search results displayed at the top.

The Four Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

This, combined with the information from the previous step, will give you a pretty good idea of how competitive a keyword is. Notice the difference between the numbers of results in the two queries above. The keywords that meet the criteria of many searches, low competition, and high relevancy can provide us with intent, i.

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Keyword Planner is a tool you can use to find keywords that are relevant to your business which are already getting search traffic. Wield it to research and pinpoint the best keywords to generate the highest quality in leads. An outline is the skeletal structure of your article. There is no wrong way to create an outline! You find yourself staring at that outline, unsure of what to do next. Killer content is shareable content, which means the reader will want to retweet, like, and share as quickly as they finish reading. There are numerous ways to craft killer content, but these techniques are some of the most effective:.

Not sure where to start? Even the best writers sometimes stare a topic down, unsure of exactly how to turn it into a well-written article. Pets are an important part of our lives. Birds are some of the more difficult pets to care for. My first bird, Stan, was a learning experience, and looking back, I wish I knew then what I know now. As one of the best pet stores in New Jersey, I stock only the best bird food brands for your feathered friend. Notice the incorporation of keywords in the title and introduction i. The opening paragraph establishes common ground with the reader and references personal experience, paving the way to weave in a real life story throughout the rest of the article—a strong means of engaging readers from start to finish.

Visual aids are one of the easiest elements to overlook when creating an article. Your audience is coming to you live from the cyber highway, and mobile is booming! Gartner predicted that mobile and tablet devices would make up more than 87 percent of sales.

Fast forward to today and chances are you're probably reading this right now on your tablet or mobile phone! As you create your article, keep the following guidelines in mind:. You can add numerous photos to any article, but be picky. You can find good quality stock photos online at various places, such as Pixabay , SXC. T he ultimate goal of your content marketing is to generate new leads for your business and establish credibility and expertise for your brand. The higher the quality of the content you publish, the more people will share it and engage with it.

Therefore, once your first article is ready for publication, your next goal will be to engage your audience and their influencers. You will literally be opening the door for new leads. The first aspect to engaging you audience is social media. People love Facebook and Twitter. Promote it! Give you audience a hook, an indicator about why they should be interested in that article.

Ready to revolutionize your content marketing?

You have to hand them a reason to click. Be where your audience is! For example, you might also announce your article on:. Find out where your audience hangs out online, and create a presence within those hangouts. Chances are you already have a sizeable email list containing your existing customers. Engage with them by sharing your articles. Remember the audience research we conducted for our pet store in step one of Section 2? All of that research will now pay off. Informative, educational articles are a key means of building credibility, especially with your existing customer base.

Your calls to action CTA will greatly affect audience engagement. A call to action is a call for the reader to take a specific action. A large portion of your readers may not be ready to buy now. A CTA is an easy way to generate potential future business from your audience. CTAs offering a reward for a designated action are often the most successful.

The main goal should be to compel potential customers to join an e-mail list. To achieve this goal, create a MailChimp account and then embed the sign-up form within your blog post. UTM fields allow you to create trackable, custom campaigns meaning once you have multiple articles you can track which ones result in the most sign-ups. You will always supply a campaign source, medium, and name. The source will identify a search engine, newsletter name, or other source. The medium will indicate a medium, such as cost-per-click or e-mail.

The name will be used for keyword analysis to identify a specific promotion or strategic campaign. Y ou can step into content marketing and do everything from article design and creation to audience engagement, but you won't reach your full potential without the ability to see what's working and cut what's not; that's where analytics comes in.

Some topics will produce better results than others will, and this is information you need access to. Google Analytics. From this page, you can view a list of all the websites set up in your account. The cost of each advertising approach varies widely. For example, the pricing of fan headline depends on the number of followers of the advertiser. Fans tunnel, on the other hand, typically charges advertisers based on CPE cost per engagement, which refers to interactions from target audiences, e. Here is a detailed look at the cost structure:.

Agile Marketing: A #CMWorld Chat with Andrea Fryrear

Taobao Mall has been focusing on improving B2C shopping experiences. Both platforms belong to the e-commerce conglomerate in China: Alibaba Group. The main differences between these two platforms lie in the management system. Business owners who are registered on Tmall are expected to take care of the entire supply chain, promotion and delivery of the product, and post-sale services themselves whereas users of JD only need to deliver products to the platform and let JD staff take care of the remaining procedures. Advertisers can put brand and product images along with discount information on them.

We can tell from the image that similarly to JD.

Agile Marketing with Scrum – Meeting the Customer Wherever They Are

Both Tmall and JD. In terms of receiving and processing applications from foreign companies, JD is very similar but somewhat more flexible compared to Tmall. On the cost side, JD Worldwide expects foreign applicants to provide:. For your future reference, Tmall provides an exclusive page illustrating the entry channels, business model, consumer experience, merchant workflow, fee schedule, and store opening procedures on its own website.

It is legally required to have a company registered in mainland China in order to open a store on Taobao. When discussing the leading social e-commerce players in China, it is inevitable to mention Pinduoduo — the dark horse with explosive growth rate. Compared to the heavyweights like Tmall, Taobao and JD, Pinduoduo is quite unique with the integration of social network into its online purchasing process.

Mobile app users of Pinduoduo can share products information on social platforms like WeChat and QQ and invite their contacts to form a shopping group in order to get lower pricing. By March 31st, , Pinduoduo had annual active users of million with a quarterly increase of 50 million users from December 31st, Overseas business owners can set up stores on Pinduoduo on its website through the same application processes applied to local Chinese companies.

Here is a screenshot of what the store entry page looks like:. For example, if you are a French cosmetic brand who wants to sell your own line of products on Pinduoduo, you will be advised to open a flagship store. Then it will direct you to the following page where you can input your personal information and then proceed to fill in your store information. Pinduoduo charges enterprises and small business owners a one-time security deposit fee based on product categories and store types. The platform only collects 0. The answer really depends on a variety of factors, such as your budget plan, the nature of your business, the marketing goal you possess, and most importantly, what your target audiences are.

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