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Chris Jericho. Bret Hart. The Death Of Wcw. Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez.

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    The Squared Circle. David Shoemaker. No Is a Four-Letter Word. Charles Taylor. Is Wrestling Fixed? Bill Apter. Mad Dog. Larry Matysik and Barbara Goodish. Diary of a Heartbreak Kid. Craig Tello. Wrestling Babylon. Irvin Muchnick.

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    Al Strachan. Sex, Lies, and Headlocks. Shaun Assael. Keith Elliot Greenberg. Tales of a First-Round Nothing. Terry Ryan. Death Clutch. Brock Lesnar. The Guy on the Left. James Duthie. Ted DiBiase. Straight from the Hart. Bruce Hart. Randy Baer and R.

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    Shift Work. Tie Domi.

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    Cheating Death, Stealing Life. Eddie Guerrero. Sisterhood of the Squared Circle. Pat Laprade. Lars Sullivan rumors. The Revival out the door rumors. What is our WrestleMania card going to look like? Future for Kenny Omega. The worst segment for Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman. Becky Lynch's surprising win. The anticipated announcement of All Elite Wrestling was announced Remembering "Mean" Gene Okerlund. Picking who wins the Royal Rumble matches.

    The scale to judge. The WrestleMania main event becoming clear. What about a GM role? We discuss how WWE is addressing that. XFL cities are revealed and details on its launch, we talk to TicketDrew about the logistics and tickets sales anticipated. Booking plans from now to WrestleMania for Becky Lynch. Lars Sullivan coming to WWE. How bad RAW got this past week.

    Why Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan was a work of art. We now might know why Braun Strowman didn't win the title yet. Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey. Stupidity of death matches. Becky Lynch pulled from match and popularity continues to rise after legit injured by Nia Jax. Is this a good thing in the long run? LaBar also talks getting to share a locker room with David Arquette last weekend. The disrespect to DX vs Brothers of Destruction.


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    How the Dean Ambrose heel turn was a work of art. Evolution predictions. WWE still going to Saudi Arabia and the controversy surrounding it. Is Saudi Arabia ready for DX? The nostalgia World Cup tournament. Early WrestleMania card predictions. All the experts who have never stepped foot in a ring are distorting their opinion for fact regarding Brie Bella and the injury to Liv Morgan.

    What happened in Milwaukee? The worst finish to a Hell in a Cell match took place this week. The financials of these international shows WWE is doing. Brock Lesnar is back and the one logical scenario for the triple threat title match. Something special with Becky Lynch is happening. Is Charlotte Flair over rated? Will it bethe happiest Rusev Day ever?

    All of this with full Hell in a Cell predictions. Funny archived interview with Kevin Nash. Play WrestleRumble. The Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels again is the talk of the week among fans. All In was a successful show this past weekend and what Vince McMahon probably thinks based on those around him I know that I've spoken to. Archived interview I did with Kevin Owens backstage in the summer he made his main roster debut. Is Nikki Bella really being positioned as the challenger for Ronda Rousey?

    An archived interview with Ryback. The Shield is back but it looks like the whole purpose of them is to be the ultimate obstacle for Braun Strowman to overcome in his route to being WWE Universal Champion. Becky Lynch is heel and nobody wants that. Who will Ronda Rousey's first title defense be against?

    A trip to the archives to a fun interview in with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ronda Rousey did it again! Paul Heyman gets an Oscar for his performance. Big name out of NXT main event due to injury. A lot of talk about The Rock lately…is there anything to it? Plus, an archived interview with Daniel Bryan from talking fired and rehired by WWE, his friendship behind the scenes with Kane and much more.

    Does Ronda Rousey go into that event as Champion? What will ticket prices be? Plus, Roman Reigns once again versus Brock Lesnar and the silver lining to it potentially. And, a trip to the archive with an interview Justin recorded with Roman Reigns in just 9 months after his Shield debut. Hear Roman then and compare it. Hulk Hogan is back with WWE and should anybody be surprised? The circumstances surrounding the "I'm sorry" tour he's embarked on, reaction in the company and when will we see him on WWE TV?

    Wrestling Reality

    Team Hell No is challenging for the tag titles and a showdown with The Miz has yet to happen, more on this and the status. Has Bayley turned heel? Big Cass gets abruptly released from WWE, Justin LaBar reactas to one of his favorites being fired due to mounting frustrations backstage. Justin explains why Money in the Bank is one of the "big 4" events now for WWE and who to look for as big winners Sunday night in Chicago. Ronda Rousey's debut singles match, two big briefcase winners and some other major titles.

    What it means that they won and what it would have meant if they lost. Plus, Shawn Michaels open to one more match? How real of a possibility this could be. All fo this, your questions and more insight in the world of WWE. I talk details and tickets! Ronda Rousey is challenging for the WWE Women's Championship and the match was made in the most anti-climatic way possible!

    John Cena and Nikki Bella are toying with the entertainment world. Roman Reigns sounds a lot like Bret Hart from What's next for Brock Lesnar? The terrible Bobby Lashley video. Two Money In The Bank matches and more is all talked about. Those who dislike Roman Reigns would like to believe they represent everyone, but really they are a vocal portion but not the majority. Women's rights in Saudi Arabia suck. The Greatest Royal Rumble won't suck. Sure, there is hypocrisy but stop acting like if you were a WWE executive you would turn down all of this money to uphold your moral ground.

    It's time a reality check to be spoken. Plus, who wins and loses at the historic event. I'm back from New Orleans, and boy do I have a lot to share with you! We understand that though the 8 hulking superstars will be residing there, they'll also be dining and carousing throughout the Coachella Valley.

    IMPACT Wrestling / Reality Of Wrestling “Deep IMPACT” Results (7/6/19)

    Frankly, we'll get a kick out of their hot air balloon ride. Even with this beautiful estate as a backdrop, we doubt it will be inspiration enough for these testosterone-driven competitors to tiptoe through the begonias! Source: www. New Mexico Earthship!